The O2E experience is just what we needed! We looked forward to each week because the conversations were authentic and real❤️ Even after 21 years of marriage there’s still so much we have to learn about each other! Thanks Will and Jodi for showing us how to be more intentional

Karen and Eric Matthews

We can’t even explain to you how grateful we are for your class you have put on! I feel like it is a gift from God because this is exactly what we needed and what I have prayed for! It helped us understand each other more and has brought a new perspective on what marriage really is about and in turn has taken our relationship to the next level!! Jodi and Will are seriously the best! We can’t wait to take this class down the line to see what we can do to take our relationship from great to even greater! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We have a lifetime together and we are excited to live this lifetime in the moment and live it extraordinary with the tools you have provided for us!! ❤ ❤

Sara and Brett Lawrence

We loved our O2E Experience. Both Faith and I have been talking about it ever since the night we attended and have revisited the book Jodi and Will provided.

Faith and Thomas Calvin

We loved our O2E experience. ❤ Time well invested!

Gina and Dave Wright

Jodi and Will are a beautiful example of a loving relationship and their intent is so sincere and heartfelt. We enjoyed out O2E date night as it allowed us a chance to shift from focusing on ourselves as parents and reminded us to spend time working on our relationship as partners. We have new tools to work on being intentional in our relationship and look forward to putting them in practice.

Katy and Zack Delong